An Effective Foot Callus Removal

Your feet get you from place to place all day long. It is important for them to be healthy and comfortable. Foot calluses can be uncomfortable, rough, and sometimes even painful. Foot callus removal can be a simple process that you incorporate into your everyday routine to keep your feet smooth and healthy. If a foot callus goes untreated and the source of the problem continues, the callus can become much worse and in the long run can even be debilitating if they are painful enough. Don’t let foot calluses and corns get in the way of your mobility, there are solutions.

There are many methods of foot callus removal. Callus removal can be done by shaving the hardened dried skin of the area off with a callus shaver. Also, they can be treated with natural remedies like tea tree oil and vinegar to soften the area. Doctor prescription and surgical removal are available and are alternatives to natural and over the counter preparations. Over the counter treatments maybe the most efficient and cost effective solution for removing corns. OTC preparations that use salicylic acid to burn off the corn and calluses have had wide spread success for foot callus removal.

A combination of methods can optimize your results safely and effectively. Soaking your feet in warm water will soften the corn and make them easier to remove with a callus shaver. Be cautious when using these devices – even though they are designed not to cut the skin, as they use a razor. If this solution makes you weary try a pumice stone. They are not nearly as fast, but do not have a blade that can cut the skin. Once you have cleared up some of the excess skin, use an over the counter solution that has some type of salicylic acid compound that can burn the corn or callus away. Be careful with this as using too much may result in damaging healthy skin or skin discoloration. Read the manufacturers instructions on how to use the product safely. Once you have treated the corn it is a good idea to protect the area with a callus protector. This is a waterproof, circular sticker that keeps pressure off the effected area and allows for healing.

In addition to directly treating the problem, proper foot corn removal would not be complete without some form of prevention. Get a pair of comfortable shoes that does not put pressure on problem areas on the feet. Take your vitamins as deficiencies in vitamin A, vitamin E, and potassium can cause foot problems including corns and calluses. Finally, keep your feet clean and hygienic. People with diabetes should not attempt home remedies for foot callus removal as they are more vulnerable to infection. Consult your doctor for medical advice on your cons and calluses.